What I Bring to the Table

With nearly 8 years of advertising expertise and over $200M spent on digital advertising, Wilder Farms can help your business achieve its wildest goals. We are experts on Facebook Ads, Google Ads- including Search, Display, and YouTube, Twitter Ads, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and DV360. We specialize in account auditing, sales generation, increasing revenue, and decreasing redundant expenses. What are you waiting for?


Account Creation – Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Ad Account, Facebook Pixels, Google Ad Account for Search and YouTube, Google Analytics 4, Microsoft Ads (Bing Search) and X (Twitter). Setup is a bear, let me handle it and sync everything seamlessly.

Advertising Auditing – In-depth deep dive into your current advertising efforts. I can evaluate what is working, what is wasting money, and advise on what needs adjusting. Most of the time people are very close to success, but minuscule details are preventing the ads from performing. You would be surprised at how much these platforms can offer.

Audience Generation – Utilizing your Website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, I can create high-quality audiences you may not have known about. These audiences will go toe-to-toe with your best performers and I will prove their worth.

Ad Creation – I utilize pre-existing copy and creative to generate new ads optimized specifically for your business’s goals based on industry best practices. After spending $300M, I have ad creation down to a science. I can launch extremely complex campaigns in my sleep. I know exactly how to set them up for success.

Campaign Management – I can monitor, optimize, and manage active campaigns making adjustments to increase results at a lower cost than before. I can build, launch them, and step in and optimize them throughout the flight, maintaining success week after week.

Ready to turn your ads into profit?